Well we just returned from another wonderful trip to Africa.  As usual, there never seems to be enough time to get it all done!  But am grateful that I am able to travel that far at least twice a year.

After a 26-hour flight we finally landed at Kilimanjaro International Airport.  The weather was perfect the entire time we were there (April),  It is their rainy season and they seem to be getting quite a bit of rain this year, which is always good.  It would rain every night and clear up during the day which was perfect.

While there we visited several of the groups JustUsFriends works with to provide basic needs and medical care.  Jane’s Kids was our first stop and found the children extremely happy to see us.  Mariam, Jasen’s wife,is so good with the children, she had them all singing and dancing within the first 10 minutes we arrived.  They were harvesting their maize crop and shucking corn.  Mariam jumped right in there and began helping with that chore.  They have recently added laying hens which they were very excited about.  Jane informed us that they are now housing 38 children.

IMG_3480   IMG_3514   IMG_3512   IMG_3483

Our next stop was to Usalama House.  This is one of our newest orphanages we are extending our hand to.  Mama Catherine was wonderful and the children were excited to see us.  Again, Mariam,had them singing and dancing almost immediately.  This orphanage currently has 12 children.

DSCN0411  DSCN0412  DSCN0409 DSCN0410

We visited many more and could go on and on about each one, however, we found all to be extremely in good spirits, with happy boys and girls.  They especially liked the candy we brought with us.

Most of our time was spent looking over the land we are purchasing for the new Loren’s Hope Compound.  We looked at several pieces of property and finally found our perfect setting.  The property is located in a village called Maji Chi (Water of Life).  The property is abundant with fig trees, mango trees and banana trees.  In addition, maize (corn) is growing on the property.  We are certain this land will serve us well in creating a self-sustainable community.  Now the work begins.  We have raised enough money to buy the land and build the clinic.  But we still need to raise funds for the orphanage and agriculture portion of the model.  Any amount you can give will be greatly appreciated.

IMG_3388 IMG_3379  IMG_3391 IMG_3392

We hope to begin construction in about a month.  We welcome you all to become a part of this endeavor.  It is wonderful to give back to others.  Makes our life more complete.  We are extremely grateful to have found this land and to all of you who have helped us raise the funds to get this far.  Asante Sana.

Until next time! (Hadi wakati mwingine)


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