Final Countdown

Well it is a little under two weeks before we leave for Arusha, TZ to attend the Grand Opening Ceremonies for the new medical clinic, “Loren;s Hope:.  All eight of us have been busy gathering needed medical and personal items for the clinic and children.  Jasen and Ally have ordered their items and had them shipped to us here in the states so we are packing them to carrying with us on the plane.  Since we are only allowed two bags per person, each of us are packing light (one bag) for our personal items and the second bag will be filled with items for the clinic, orphanage, and school.  I hope we can find laundry facilities in Arusha, because we are only going to be taking clothes for a few days and we will be staying there three weeks.  That should be very interesting.

Shipping items to Arusha is very challenging as the postal service is very unreliable, if even in existence.  There are no physical addresses in Arusha.  A typical address consists of the “White Building located next to the turkey farm on the right across from the Green Building”.  Needless to say, very few items seem to reach their destination through the postal service.  Some are lucky enough to actually have a post office box.  Unfortunately, JustUsFriends, has been on a waiting list going on four months now and have yet to receive one.  FedEx does deliver to Arusha and last night the new Tesla Lights left the United States headed to Africa.  They are due to arrive on October 4, 2011 and will be held at the FedEx office for us to claim when we arrive.  We would like to take a moment to give our sincere appreciation to Mark Hoffman and Aeron Goldhart with Tesla Corporation for making this possible.  These lights are going to be a huge addition to our clinic and we are so very grateful to Tesla Corporation.  If any of you have not had the pleasure of using Tesla Lights, we urge you to find an educator close to you and give them a try.  You will be glad you did!  You can find light educators through the Tesla website.

We posted a new video of the clinic construction activities on our JustUsFriends website. Here you will be able to view a work in progress by the locals.  Inside trim, painting, and window glass begins tomorrow and will go through Sunday.  They say we will be 100% complete and move-in ready by Wednesday of next week.  Our friends from New York, Greg and Lit Anderson, left the states today traveling to Arusha to begin the landscaping.  Thanks Greg and Lit, we know it will be beautiful.  We are so grateful to the many locals and our volunteers who have worked so hard to get this project accomplished.  It is really amazing to think that only 6 short months ago, the clinic was nothing more than a “thought“, just an idea.  We have been able to raise the money and construct the building using local labor and materials.  We have worked our way through language barriers, difference in building techniques, and communicated and supervised this project half-way around the world.  Jasen, Ally, and Jirard, You Rock!  We are so grateful to all of our friends, volunteers, and donors who have made this possible. Akubariki ! (God Bless)

Stay tuned, for next week we will be showing our completed project and last minute preparations for our African Adventure!  Until then…



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