Loren’s Hope

In this week’s blog, I wanted to share with you a story of a young woman’s hope that is now going to be spread through the hearts of children across the world.

As most of you have read on our website by now, our dear friend, Loren Proctor Lucas, lost her four year long battle with breast cancer last week.  Being only 27 years of age, Loren was so much wiser than her age.  Loren taught school in Austin, Texas.   Children were her passion. Loren did not have an opportunity to have children of her own as she was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer at the early age of 23.  She fought hard for these last four years never loosing “hope” and always looking for the positive outlook in everything.

Loren grew up with Jasen Benton, our main guy on the ground in Arusha, TZ.  Their two families were longtime family friends and when Jasen returned stateside in March of this year, his first weekend home he traveled to Austin to spend time with Loren and her fiancee, Brent.  It was a wonderful weekend and he brought gifts to Loren from Africa.  Loren hoped that when she was well enough, she would one day be able to travel to Africa and help JustUsFriends and Jasen with the children.

We can all learn something from Loren.  The one thing that Loren and JustUsFriends have in common is that we all want to go out of this world knowing we “gave back” in some small way.  Loren did that her entire life by her unconditional love she shared with her family, friends, and students.  Loren was a exceptional young lady that Got It!  She gave “hope” to all of us who knew her, even as her health began to decline, Loren never lost hope. We thank you Loren for reminding us what we are supposed to do while on this earth.  It is all about Love and Hope and making a difference in this world before you leave.
JustUsFriends is proud to announce that our new clinic, currently under construction in Arusha, TZ will be dedicated to Loren.  The new clinic will be known as “Loren;s Hope”.  Our “hope” is that thousands of children can receive “hope” for many years to come.  Thank you Loren, what a blessing you are!



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2 Responses to Loren’s Hope

  1. so proud of everything that is being done for the children through Loren’s Hope…thank you

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