Moving Right Along…

After our first week treating kids in Arusha, we had exactly 200 new medical files for the 200 children we completed check-ups on.  This past Monday, Jasen went back to Arusha to begin files on the kids at Good Hope.  After three days of work, Jasen was able to start medical files and give each of the 130 kids at Good Hope a complete medical check-up.  We are happy to report that for the most part the kids are in great health!  Now that we have files on all of the children we can track their health more accurately and treat them accordingly in the future.

Since our work with Jane’s Orphan Center and Living Water Orphanage and School a couple of weeks ago, word has spread about the work JustUsFriends is doing.  As you can imagine, medical care is a luxury for many here in Tanzania.  We’ve been contacted by another 4 orphanages and children’s center who have requested their children (over 700 of them!) be seen by JustUsFriends.  Finding a balance between treating those in need and being careful not to take on more than we can handle is not always easy.  What we do know is that this is what we are here to do – to treat children who cannot get treatment elsewhere.  While at this time we will not be able to complete check-ups on each of these kids on a monthly basis, we have agreed to treat any of the children who are sick and need medical care.  JustUsFriends is committed to doing anything within its power to care for any child in need – thanks to our Friends who support us, we are truly making a difference in the health of the children in Arusha, Tanzania.

For many of the children we see, just the simple fact that we take 5 minutes to complete a check-up – sick or not – means the world to them.  Thanks to your help we are able to give them something more than medical care – kindness and attention.

The medical clinic is still coming along and we are more excited than ever to be nearing its completion.  The outside walls are completely finished and the floors are almost done.  We’ll have new pictures up for you within the next 24 hours.

We hope you know how truly grateful everyone here is for the support you are giving them.  We have no completed 330 medical check-ups and have 330 files started on the children we saw!  This in itself is a HUGE accomplishment and we couldn’t have done it without you.  We are sending you “Upendo Sana!!!”  (much love) from the kids…



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