Tesla Energy Lights

In our last post I told you how excited we are that we are on our way to bringing Tesla Energy Lights to the new clinic at Good Hope.  Many of you may not have even processed what that was, let alone what these lights will be able to do for our kids.  I thought it might be helpful to take a minute to explain to you how beneficial these lights will be to the health and wellness of the children of Good Hope.

Tesla Energy Lights provide a natural alternative to healing.  As they have not yet been approved by the FDA, Tesla has to be careful about the types of claims it makes regarding the lights.  We, however, don’t have to be quite so careful.  Many of our Friends have experienced what could be considered miraculous healing after the use of these lights.  One Friend’s eyesight was restored.  Another Friend used the lights and her stage 4 cancer was eradicated.  In another case, a Friend’s thyroid was rebuilt.  The Tesla Energy Lights have the amazing ability to jump-start one’s immune system and aid the body in natural healing.  JustUsFriend’s believes that if the Tesla Energy Lights can do so many amazing things for people in the U.S., they can also aid in the healing of our patients in Tanzania.  Malaria can be effectively and safely treated, parasites destroyed and wounds healed.

I’m not a scientist and I won’t pretend to be, but take a moment to visit Tesla Energy Lights website and see for yourself.  There are some great videos on the site that will explain in better terms than I can, what a great help these lights will be to the children JustUsFriends is serving in Tanzania.  We are so excited that we will be well-equipped to treat those who come to us for help!

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