What Can You Do?

Sometimes I need a little inspiration to jumpstart my latest daydream, project, or assignment.  Most of the time I hope on my GoodSearch search engine and type in a few random words in the hopes that I will find someone else’s great idea that may help to inspire my next move.  (And in the process, every time I hit “search”  I raise another penny for JustUsFriends. Yes, this is another shameless plug for GoodSearch.  If you’re not using it – start.  It’s so easy and, as we all know, a little bit goes a long way in Tanzania.)  Anyway, back to the point of this blog.  Our friends at Moon Healing Arts in Grapevine, TX are helping out JustUsFriends by hosting our very first Fundraiser Festival on June 4, 2011!  We are so excited about the day and hope you will all put it on your calendars.

One of the great things about JustUsFriends is that many of our friends our scattered all over the world.  The downside to this is that it may be difficult for us all to gather on June 4 to enjoy the festivities in Grapevine.  The good news is that we can all still help make a difference that day!  So here is where I need your help:

Instead of using GoodSearch this time, we are asking you – our friends – for some great fundraising ideas.  And don’t tell me you don’t have any!  I know we’ve all probably taken part in at least 50 fundraisers in our lives.  So think back, maybe even way back to the second grade bake sale you were a part of, and share with us some of the most creative fundraising activities you have been a part of.  Whether you came up with the idea yourself, took part in the fundraiser or just couldn’t say no and had to donate to the cause – we want to hear about it.

Jasen didn’t tell me to write this.  I’m just another friend of JustUsFriends – like you – and I won’t be able to make it down to Grapevine, TX on June 4.  But wouldn’t it be great if friends around the world ran their own fundraisers in their own communities to support the JustUsFriends Fundraising Festival?!

Maybe you want to make an individual donation.  Or maybe you already have an idea and you’re starting to brainstorm what you can do to get it started.  Some of you may want to partner with other friends of JustUsFriends to run parallel fundraisers in different cities.  Get your kids and relatives involved!  This could be big!  I believe that together we can raise enough money to support the new medical clinic at Good Hope Orphanage for the entire year.

So, I’m going to get us started.  Here are a few fundraising ideas that even kids can do:       *  Organize a Soup Sale at your place of worship.  Ask your pastor if you and your family can sell quarts of soup after the service to raise money for JustUsFriends.                             *  Are you crafty?  Sell your crafts on Etsy.com and donate a % of all of your sales between now and June 4 to JustUsFriends.  Advertise your products to your friends on Facebook and let them know their purchase is helping to support a great cause!

What else can we do?  Your friends want to hear from you!  So before you go back to checking your email or making dinner, take a moment to share with us your suggestions by posting a comment below.

We want to know:  What Can You Do?

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1 Response to What Can You Do?

  1. Fredda Benton says:

    What a great idea! I hear our friends in New York are organizing an “Evening of Dance with JustUsFriends” which will include a choreographed show to raise funds for JUF. Wouldn’t it be great if we had fundraisers going on globally!

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