It’s only the beginning…

…but so far we have made incredible progress in a short amount of time.  It’s hard to believe that not even three months ago, Jasen Benton arrived in Moshi, Tanzania, with an open heart and a big smile, ready to serve where needed.  In less than a week the seeds for JustUsFriends were planted.  Needs were assessed, phone calls were made, and in a house full of volunteers from all over the world, conversations about a new nonprofit organization began to take place.  Jasen wanted to create a way for people to help people, regardless of limitations such as geographic location or economic status.  If there is a need, he wants to meet it.  If someone wants to help, he wants to provide the opportunity for a volunteer to do so.

Many of you have already followed the progress of JustUsFriends on our website and Facebook pages.  We have been granted 501(c)3 status and have already raised enough money to fund our first project: a Medical Center for Good Hope Orphanage and School.   To all of our sponsors and individual donors, we send an enormous thank you from JustUsFriends, the volunteers, and most importantly, the orphans, whose lives you have changed forever.  We can’t wait to share updates and stories with you about the impact your donations are making around the world. 

JustUsFriends is excited to launch our new active blog site and we hope all of our friends will join in the fun.  Enter your email address to the right to receive an alert when we post a new blog.  Leave us comments with suggestions about where we should volunteer next.  Share your most memorable volunteer stories.  Inspire us by posting your favorite quotes.  And don’t forget to keep an eye out for upcoming contests!

We are grateful to have you as friends and we are excited about the journey ahead of us.  Jasen’s mom, Fredda Wilson Benton, said it best when she said, “We all just want to leave this world feeling we made some sort of difference.”  Together we will join Jasen in reaching out to meet needs whereever needed –  and in doing so, we will meet our own needs, as well.

So sign up and stay tuned.  We have some exciting announcements about the progress of our first project coming in the next few days!  Until we meet again…

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6 Responses to It’s only the beginning…

  1. fbenton10 says:

    So glad the JustUsFriends Blog site has been set up. Thanks Rebeckah!

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